Hi my stylish readers!
Today's look feature awesome little bag from OCEANFASHION, coat from ZAFUL and a crop sweater from LOVELYWHOLESALE . For today's look I'm all over the minimalistic monochrome style, lots of grey color, classic shapes and different textures. Starting from one of my favorite style items from fall season, the oversized grey coat with a simple classic design. The coat is very comfy, and I really like the vintage vibe that it brings to the style. I've decided to go all grey for this look, it almost seems that you are a part of the grey city streets. So for the bottom layer I've picked an awesome crop grey sweater, with a rugged texture and big turtleneck. The design is pretty simplistic, and it feels like a trusted wardrobe item with great quality. And I really wanted to add an accessory to this style, that continues the minimalistic theme, but gives the style just a bit of chic. So I've picked an awesome little black bag for the outfit, the design definitely resemble some well known fashion brands, but what I really love about this bag, that it is so simple and cute. It's a perfect size for a casual day stuff, where you would need only your wallet and phone. So here you go, a sporty and casual, really comfy minimalistic outfit, with a bit of vintage vibe to it.



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  1. Love this look! that grey jumper looks so cosy and warm, perfect for winter! x

  2. Really nice photos! Love the turtleneck sweater :D

  3. super:) xx

  4. totally love the all grey outfit, nice bag
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  5. awesome outfit, I lovin grey so much!
    Kisses from germany, Sophie♥

  6. Looks great. you were also featured in our blog post!

  7. looks great. You were also featured in our blog post!