Hi my stylish readers!
Today's look feature beautiful sweater from LESARA and awesome sunglasses from FREYRS. Today I'm rocking another edgy rocky style, with black leather biker jacket and skinny torn black jeans, giving the look a bit of that popular dark and under saturated vibe. But I wanted just a bit of positive and colorful note in the mix, so I've used this really comfy thin sweater with an artistic geometry print. The print somehow reminds me of Nordic art vibe, in the combination of minimalism and geometry. I've also used this awesome sunglasses for the outfit, they really bring more character to the style. The vintage design, golden color and the special unique shape resembles the noir twist on catwoman, and her goggles. The whole look is a mix of couples of vibe, vintage glam, casual ruggedness and just a bit of artistic vibe, but together it makes for a really comfy unique style.

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