Hi my stylish readers!
Today's look feature awesome boots and sweater from LESARA and jeans from FASHION NOVA. With this look I was going for a kinda classic badass vibe, but made it a bit more casual and neutral. The black sweater with high collar part, give this style a great dark layer. The design is pretty simple, but the opened sides detail give it a more feminine feel. The material is kinda great, it's warm, but also thin. I've paired it with a high waisted skinny grey jeans, they give the style a bit of a vintage note, and they are a great item for proportion, because the texture, color and shape of them, make your legs look slimmer and longer, which is always awesome. For the cold seasons I really love wear warm rugged boots with fur, they are so comfortable and really durable. This black boots have a classic design, they are even a bit minimalistic in so way, without brand tags or logos, but I like them that way even more. They have surprising great quality with hard materials and stitched sole. The whole look has that serious business vibe, with a bit of that Hollywood blockbuster badass vibe, it's also very comfy and warm.

Get this jeans at FASHION NOVA, and use a special discount code ---> XOOKSANA for 15% off.

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