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Today's look feature awesome t-shirt from PUPPA-FASHION and sunglasses from FREYRS. Today's look is pretty casual and really fun and active, it also suits cold weather seasons. But I wanna talk a bit about this awesome red t-shirt, that I've used so this style. I really love the casual print and material patches detail on it, it really feels that significant design work was made even for a t-shirt. But the main thing isn't even the design, this t-shirt is kinda special in a way. This awesome brand PUPPA-FASHION makes all their clothes from environmental friendly materials, which produce no waste, what so ever, and this is so awesome to wear stylish clothes, and know that you have made a tiny part in saving our beautiful world. It's a win win for everybody. And it's only the half of the story, amazing people at PUPPA-FASHION, make this awesome clothes handmade and in limited amount, so you'll always be sure that your wear a premium quality item and you'll never bump in to someone wearing the same outfit. They even put the name of the person, who made the item on the tag. So don't sit around and wonder where to get this special awesome clothes, just check out their site and make an order. Back to today's style, I've decided to make kinda red slash burgundy color the outfit, it is very active and sporty, but the bikers jacket give it a kinda badass vibe also, and the warm hat have a kinda fun and edgy print. I've finished the look with big sunglasses, I just love the wear them even when it's kinda grey and there's no sun, this is my obsession. This ones are rocking awesome design, they are so badass. The whole look is great to hangout with friends and have fun and be a bit crazy.

Get this jeans at FASHION NOVA, and use a special discount code ---> XOOKSANA for 15% off.

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  1. you look awesome hun!


  2. u look super cool,so love the shoes
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