Hi my stylish readers!
Today's look feature crop top sweater from TINYDEAL. For this style I've went with kinda minimalistic vibe. I think, that this style definitely has an 90s rock fashion vibe to it. Rocker high waist torn black jeans, in combo with black rocker style boots, look really awesome and badass in this casual outfit. I wanted to make this look all black, with the white sweater, so it could be a balancing element in this style. I really love black white contrast themed looks, they are so eye catching, yet really simple. This white sweater has an awesome design, it's a cropped sweater, so it's perfect for high waist jeans, and this great combo will make your legs look longer.
I also love the settle detail in the design, the textured material feels unique and the shoulder silver ornaments give a fun style vibe. The whole look is super casual and comfortable, it's a perfect every ordinary autumn day style.


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